Loosing Weight and Inches

Smart , Current and Customized program for loosing Weight and Inches with Scientific proven techniques. Power Yoga therapeutic weight management program is 100% natural system without using any machines or any other heat treatments which gives the side defects in the later part of the life . Our system detoxify the whole body and improves the functioning of inner organs like kidney, liver , thyroid etc. and removes the lactic and uric acid from the body by which the lymphatic system of the body get activated and metabolic rate increases which gives the stable weight and inch loss. Power yoga , Pilates , stretching's and floor exercises shapened the body parts having extra fat deposition

Know why you are over weight and root out your problems with us:

» Thyroid Problems

» Lifestyle

» Post Pregnancy

» Stress and Psychological disturbances

» Kidney Disorders

» Menstrual disorders and UTI problems

» Low Metabolic rate

» Harmonal Disturbances

Our System Includes :

» Blood group Diet and Nutrition Counseling

» Power Yoga (Dynamic Yoga)

» Metabolism Boosting Techniques

» Fat Burning Actions

» Body Detoxification Techniques

» psychological counseling’s

» Floor & Stretching’s exercises

» Stress Management techniques


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