Stress Management Program

Bhaskar Yoga and Naturecure Offers "best Stress Management Program" which will completely heal Body Mind and Soul in the best possible Organic way making you feel De-Stress , Fresh and Active.

Without Shanti (Peace of Mind), We cant enjoy all the good things in life. It doesn’t matter how healthy our body may be, or how many assests , friends, family, pleasures, name and fame we may possess. Do we really appreciate and enjoy what we have? If not, whats point of trying to accumulate more?

Stress hits when we suffer from an imbalance of Gunas- Rajas, Tamas and Sattva. As Sattva decreases, it snatches away our ability and we feel less determined and our mental strength gets low. The levels of strain might vary depending on the balance between your three gunas.
Stress depletes the energy resources of body and pushes our body constantly to a condition of Strain. Chronic Stress and Strain reduces Immunity and Resistance power. Since, Stress and Strain can adversely affect every aspect of one’s life, it is highly imperative to Restore, Regain and Retain the Balance. The best possible way is to switch towards  Ayurveda, Naturopathy , Yoga & Meditation as they treat you Internally keeping in Mind your External factors too.

Our Signature Stress Management Program helps you to De-Stress in a Precise and Scientific Manner to give you the best care. Our Experts in the field will assess your Condition based on factors such as Biochemical Imbalances, Harmonal levels, Genetic predispositions, personality types, social factors, use of drugs & other substances, and other Medical Causes to find the cause of your Stress. A Complete Stress Analysis before and after the treatment will also be done.

To Re-Establish the lost Equilibrium and De-Stress your Body and Mind  in the most natural and safest way,  Specialised Integrated Therapies based on Ayurveda , Naturopathy and Yoga like Shirodhara, Dhanyamaladhara, Elakizhi, Pizhichil and Abhyangam, Meditation Techniques, Yogic Counseling are included in the Program that will facilitate the much-needed Relaxation to your Body and Stressed Nerves. The Treatments would decrease your Muscular Pains and will revivify your Body, Mind and Soul.

Our Program Primary Purpose is to help people Appreciate and Respect their Own Body Mind and Everything that we already have in this life, Instead of Stressing about what we don’t have

Body and Mind are not different things but they are Reflections of each other. All Physical Health Problems have their source in the Mind and all Mental Stress and Psychological fears are reflected in our Physical Body.
In Addition to Ayurvedic and Natural Therapies relieving the Stress from the Brain and Nerves , proper Diet, Yoga , Pranayamas, Meditation and Lifestyle changes offer a Holistic Approach.

Our Stress Management Program not only Nurture your Body-Mind-Soul, but also reset your Physical Bio Rhythms and Mental Equilibrium


The Stress Management Program offered at our Centre has a Multiapporach to work on various aspects of the body mind through Gradual Stages :

  • Stage 1: To Relieve Stress from different Organs in the Physical Body at a deeper level.
  • Stage 2: To Improve the Cardio-Respiratory System (Blood Circulation and Lung Capacity).
  • Stage 3: To Improve the Nervous System and Nadis in the Pranic Body.
  • Stage 4: To Improve the Endocrine Glands / Hormonal Balance, which are closely connected to Emotional Balance in the Mind.


“Based on your age, medical conditions, ayurvedic dosha imbalance, our Expert Doctors will decide Treatments and Duration for Stress Management Program ”