Holistic Pain Management Program

Bhaskar Yoga and Naturecure one of the “best Pain Management Centre in Jaipur” Offers Holistic Pain Management Program which helps you to manage Pains and Rejuvenate Joints and Muscles . Our Customised Treatments for Chronic Pain Conditions helps in improving Quality of life by arresting the Progression , fastens the Healing and cure the Pains from there Roots.

We Offer Holistic Pain Management Program for following Pain Conditions

Lower back pain
Neck pain
Tennis elbow
Frozen shoulder
Heels pain
Plantar fascitis
Rheumatoid arthritis
Carpel tunnel syndrome
Knee pain
Muscular sprains


Joints and Muscular Pains are one of the Common Health Issue that Maximum People are facing Today . So Naturopathy , Ayurveda and Yoga  brings in Solutions to eradicate the cause from within and also provide Natural Solutions to make the Condition better.


Major Reasons for Joints and Muscular Pains

  • The Most Common cause of Joints and Muscular Pains are Injuries.  Accidents generally brings in Pain and this pain sometimes leads to a permanent defect in the body for the long run.
  • Arthritis is usually a result of Joint Pain. But for some this is also a cause for the worsening pain in the Joints. 


  • Certain Infectious Diseases like mumps, influenza and hepatitis also leads to joints  & Muscular Pains.
  • Obesity can also be sighted as one of the Major Causes of Joints and Muscular Pains.


Best Way to Treat Joints and Muscular Pains in Holistic Way

  • Ayurveda Pain-Relieving Massage Therapies which  helps  to Reduce Inflammation & Improving Tissue Nutrition.
  • Naturopathy Therapies such as Heat or Cold Packs, Hydrotherapy reduce Swelling and Improve Circulation.


  • Psychological Therapies, Relaxation Techniques and Meditation promotes Tissue Healing.
  • Mind and Body Techniques such as Yoga and Sujok Acupressure  for Holistic Healing.


Natural Ways to Live a Pain Free Life

We have Always been Advised to follow Certain Lifestyle Habits that are Necessary to keep us Healthy and Fit. Physical  Lifestyle Changes like Exercises, Yoga and Meditation helps a lot to keep our Body working properly. Our Sedentary Lifestyle has left us with no choice but accepting the Physical as well as Mental Changes that Occurs with Time. Pain in the Body due to cutting down on Exercises, Improper Dietary Routines and also Improper Lifestyle Choices has all started to make us a Victim of bad Health. But has Anyone thought of the fact that what if this pain Aggravates to an extent that even walking properly is not possible? This is when the Person is Suffering from either Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. This pain can be Acute as well as Chronic. Now-a-days, even young Children are suffering from Joint pains that further leads to Arthritis.
Joints Pain generally as a Condition where the Joints find Discomfort to function normally. With Age and without Immediate care and concern, this Condition seems to Worsen.


As per Ayurveda, Our Body is Comprised of three Prime Energies namely, Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The Constitution of every person is different and so are the Doshas. In Ayurveda and Naturopathy Joints and Muscular Pains Treatments are Available that help to Release the Pain in the best Natural way Possible.


“Bhaskar Yoga and Naturecure Offers Holistic Pain Management Program under the Guidance of "best Naturopathy and Ayurveda Doctors of Jaipur"”